Ministry of Agriculture and Forest

Website: Tel: +975-02-321142/323765/326146 Fax: +975-02-324520 Email: Departments Department of Livestock Department of Agriculture Department of Forests and Park Services Department of Agricultural Marketing & Cooperatives Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory [...]

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Ministry of Economic Affairs

Website: PABX: Departments Department of Trade Department of Industry Department of Geology and Mines Department of Hydromet Services Department of Renewable Energy Department of Hydropower & Power Systems Department of Cottage [...]

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Ministry of Education

Website: PABX : +975 02 322719/334307 Minister's Office: +975 02 323825 Secretary's Office: +975 02 325146 Policy & Planning Division (PPD): +975 02 322101/327387/321659/333969/325816/323551 Human Resource Division (HRD): +975 02 321242/327703/328313/331760/322893/326412/335402/324826/334420 Administration & Finance [...]

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Ministry of Finance

Website: PABX: +975-2-322223 / 322514 / 322271 / 327763 / 322285 Fax: +975-2-323154 Human Resource Division P.O Box:117 PABX: +975-2-322268 Fax: +975-2-322105 Department of National Budget P.O. Box: 270 PABX: +975-2-326770/326771/327772 Fax: [...]

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Ministry of Information and Communications

Website: Tel: +975-02-322567/323017 Fax: +975-02-324860/321055/321033 Departments Bhutan Civil Aviation Authority Department of Information and Media Department of Information Technology and Telecom Department of Air Transport Road Safety and Transport Authority [...]

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Ministry of Labour Human Resources

Website: PABX: 00975-2-333867 ( Hunting Lines ) FAX: 00975-2-326731, 00975-2-339922, 00975-2-324846 Departments Directorate Services Department of Labour Department of Employment and Human Resource Department of Occupational Standards Department of Technical Education [...]

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Ministry of Health

Website: Fax No: +975-2-324649 Telephone No: +975-2-322602, 322351, 328091, 328092, 328093 Departments Department of Public Health Department of Medical Services Department of Medical Supplies and Health Infrastructure Department of Traditional Medicine Services Referral [...]

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Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs

Website: PABX: +975-2-322301/322015/325173 Fax:02-325035 Directorate Services: 02-322157 Administration and Finance Division: 02-323740 Human Resourece Division: 02-323741 Policy and Planning Division: 02-326015 ICT Division: 02328870 Legal Unit: 02-322553 Procurement Unit: 02-324538 Departments Department of Disaster [...]

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Ministry of Works and Human Settlement

Website: Tele: 00975-2- 327998/322182/327451/322871 Fax: 00975-2-323122/323121/322270/32314 Email: Departments Department of Roads Department of Engineering Services Department of Human Settlement

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Website: PABX: +975-2-322781/ 322459/ 322473/ 322771/ 322324 Departments Department of Multilateral Affairs Department of Bilateral Affairs Department of SAARC and Regional Organizations Department of Protocol [...]

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