02/01/2021: Press Release on on Transport Escort Modality – CC19TF

Press Release from Central COVID-19 Task Force (CC19TF)

This is to inform everyone that the CC19TF under directive of the National COVID-19 Task Force (NC19TF) will be implementing the Transport Escort Modality w.e.f. January 3, 2021.

It includes transportation of goods to Thimphu and transit of goods to other Dzongkhags via Thimphu. This Transport Escort Modality is being implemented to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 and to ensure seamless flow of essential items during the lockdown.

For vehicles entering Thimphu

Vehicles for the transportation of goods entering Thimphu from the south will be provided escort service starting from the Thimphu City Welcome Gate to the respective place of unloading. Vehicles entering from the east shall be provided with escort service from Hongtsho to the respective place of unloading. The vehicles will be allowed to unload till 9 PM, and the drivers will be escorted back to the respective exit points for immediate exit from Thimphu after unloading of goods.

For vehicles in transit via Thimphu to other Dzongkhags

Vehicles in transit via Thimphu to other Dzongkhags will be stopped at the Thimphu City Welcome Gate and at Hungtsho by Security and the vehicles will be escorted till their respective exit points (Thimphu City Welcome Gate or Hongtsho).

Registration Process

To implement the escort arrangement and to ensure smooth movement of the vehicles, the Suppliers/Drivers of goods vehicles are requested to observe the following registration process:

a) Register with the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MoEA) for groceries and essentials like POL, Gas, etc. The contact details of MoEA focal officials are:

● Ms Dechen Zam, #77103777, email: dechenz@moea.gov.bt

● Ms Kinley Yangzom, #17215888, email: kyangzom@moea.gov.bt

b) Register with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests (MoAF) for agricultural and livestock products. The contact details of MoAF focal officials are:

● Mr Karma Tshering, #17116505, email: karmat@moaf.gov.bt (Agricultural products)

● Dr. Kuenga Namgay, #77437743, email: knamgay@moaf.gov.bt (Livestock products)

● Jigme Wangchuk, #17708169, email: jigmewangchuk72@gmail.com (Livestock products)c)

c) Register with the Public Service Call Center 1010 for goods other than groceries, essentials, and agricultural and livestock products;

d) After completion of the verification process and with the details captured in the Check Post Management System (CPMS), approval for the movement will be accordingly granted via message (SMS).

Instructions for Drivers

● Once the vehicle reaches its designated loading/unloading point in Thimphu, the driver must remain inside the vehicle at all times.

● Drivers should carry food and water with them and not come in contact with any person at the unloading point.

● Dealers/wholesalers should put in place a dedicated portable toilet at the godown sites for exclusive use by the drivers.

● Non-compliance to the health protocols by any driver shall be dealt as per the law.

Central COVID-19 Task Force (CC19TF)

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