04/04/2020: Travel Advisory for Bhutanese in Australia


Following the travel advisory issued to the Bhutanese Associations in Australia, the Embassy has been informed that there are a sizable number of Bhutanese who wish to return home as early as possible.

Therefore, the Embassy has been exploring possibilities to facilitate the travel to Bhutan.

The Embassy has found out that Malaysian Airlines is operating a few flights to Kuala Lumpur from Perth, Sydney and Melbourne in April and up to mid May 2020. This could be a viable option as transit is possible at Kuala Lumpur as of now, and Drukair may also be able to put in flights from Kuala Lumpur to Paro. The Embassy is in touch with both the Malaysian Airlines and Druk Air.

Detailed information has been shared with the Bhutanese Associations in Australia with a request to compile the list of Bhutanese wanting to avail this option.

All Bhutanese in Australia who wish to return home are requested to get in touch with Bhutanese Associations in your respective states/area as soon as possible. Please note that there is mandatory 21 days quarantine upon arrival in Paro. Therefore, the Embassy will also need to coordinate the travel to Bhutan with the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Updates will be shared through the respective Bhutanese Associations.

(Note: Bhutanese in Malaysia who have been wanting to return home will also be facilitated if the above plan works out. Please share the confirmed list through WhatsApp to +66 639594911)

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