06/01/21: Key Highlights from the press brief held on 06.01.21 – MoH

1. 297 cases (all Bhutanese) have been detected in the last 18 days of the Thimphu outbreak compared to the 144 (66 Bhutanese and 78 Non Bhutanese) that was reported during the Phuentsholing outbreak which spanned over a period of 93 days. Data collected so far indicate that the Thimphu outbreak is 10 times bigger than the earlier outbreak that was seen in Phuntsholing. Therefore, to break the chain of transmission and to contain the outbreak, everyone must strictly abide by the lockdown protocols at all times.

2. In the last 24 hours, 21 cases have been reported out of 3870 tests that were conducted. 19 cases have been reported in Thimphu in the enclosed order (1 changzamtog, 4 Lungtenphu, 1 Simtokha, 1 yangchenphug (RBP Flu Clinic), 1 Babesa (Traveler’s Flu Clinic Changlimithang), 9 Dechencholing, 2 Babesa); 1 from the Lamgong Flu Clinic in paro who is an active frontliner, and 1 from a quarantine facility in Phuntsholing.

3. One individual who has been detected positive at a Flu Clinic today has had close interactions with over 40 people during the course of the lockdown which clearly indicates that some individuals are mot abiding by the lockdown protocols; therefore, we humbly request everyone to strictly adhere to lockdown protocols.

4. The outbreak seems to be slightly different this time and it seems to be more infectious because all the affected households have been badly hit by the virus with majority of household members infected.

5. 14 high risk clusters in Thimphu have been swept out pf which 10 individuals tested positive so far. Further, out of the 53 red buildings that were swept till date, 8 individuals tested positive.

6. We have eased the lockdown in the green districts beginning today, and after 7 days we will reassess the situation and submit our recommendations to the NC-19TF.

7. We have tested around 20000 people at the flu clinics out of whcih 23 tested positive so far. As the flu clinics are proving to be effective in picking up positive cases, we strongly encourage people with flu like symptoms to visit the flu clinics and get tested fro COVID-19.

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