06/01/21: Words of caution – PMO

Dear friends,

I quickly take this opportunity to share some words of caution, as we begin the unlocking measures in many parts of the country starting today. I have repeated this on many forums that lifting lockdowns have had many countries experience spike in cases to new highs, particularly around second week. Our unlocking is happening at a time when some countries are confronting with the third wave of COVID-19, while others are still dealing with prolonged second waves.

Which means this is not over for us either. We are initiating measures to ease lockdown so that it becomes more enabling for our people to live and pursue livelihood within the norms. We all know remaining confined in homes are not our way of life.

But please remain mindful of the priority we have today. It is to break the chain of disease transmission and effective lockdown is the answer. We have weathered this phase together. However, I urge you to continue with the same spirit and remain guarded at all times.

We are also facilitating movement of people who have been stranded in Thimphu and Paro since the lockdown. Although there are checks and surveillance in place, please consider whether you really need to travel now?

No one wants to be that source of infection in your communities, so please ensure all circumstances are considered before you decide to move. Our unlocking strategy has been designed with caution to ensure our efforts are not rendered to futility. But we need every individual to come together to shield the disease and protect ourselves from it.

I have reminded the local authorities to remain extremely alert, to intensify testing so that we can pick up positive cases, if any, faster and contain infections as soon as possible.

For those in Thimphu and Paro, as we continue with the restrictions, I want to thank you for cooperating with us. Needless to say, I am sure you are spending your times indoor with your loved ones and making each day more meaningful. Keep saying your prayers and keep giving us your support. We will triumph over this very soon.

Dr Lotay Tshering

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