12/01/21: Key highlights from the Press Brief held on 11.01.2021 – MoH

  1. 12 new cases have been detected in the past 24 hours. All are close contacts of earlier cases. 10 cases are from Changzamtog and 2 from Zilukha superzone.
  2. 365 confirmed cases have been detected since 20 December 2020 out of which 211 are Male and 154 are female with maximum number of cases from Thimphu (285) followed by Paro (61).
  3. Although cases are still being detected, most of the cases are close contacts who are already listed/identified and in the quarantine facilities or in red buildings which are already cordoned off.
  4. It is important to understand that, although number of cases are increasing, majority of the cases have been close contacts of the former positive cases and it has been 3 days today since we had the last case from flu clinics (or community). This indicates that we are gradually beginning to bring the outbreak under control; however, to totally overcome it, we are under home quarantine.
  5. We have started three different dialysis services fro kidney patients: for positive cases in containment mode, primary contacts through a unit dedicated to them and the general public through our routine channel.
  6. A total of around 3700 primary contacts have been quarantined at home as well as facility quarantine so far. Over the course of the quarantine, MoH will offer tests; individuals should continue to remain under home quarantine even if they test negative the 1st and 2nd tests.
  7. All high risk clusters in Thimphu ad Paro have been swept as of today.
  8. A second round of ass community testing is being implemented with effect from today in the 18 green districts in order to confidently move onto the next phase of the national Lockdown. Through this, we will be testing a minimum of 600 individuals from each green districts.
  9. People going out of Thimphu ( travel from high risk districts to other districts) will have to quarantine fro 7 days then get tested fro COVID-19. For emergency travel, a 3-day long quarantine is mandatory followed by testing.

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