14/09/20: Message from Hon’ble Lyonchhen on reopening of schools and institutes – PMO

After a dramatic episode of a lockdown and subsequent unlocking, our children of Classes X and XII will finally go to school today, followed by their friends in Classes IX and XI a week later. Some sections of colleges are also returning to the campus. 

Many parents and even teachers are understandably worried. The disease is new and unpredictable. But it is also important to understand that the costs of missing schools are huge. Huge enough to lead us down the irreparable path if not careful. 

Please be assured that we are considering the reopening after the risk assessments, placing the safety of students and faculty on top. Health standards are being applied, and infrastructures are prepared to match the COVID-19 prevention requirements. 

Our children will sit with their classmates and teachers as they indulge in learning beyond text books. The youthful age of discovering oneself and the surrounding cannot be limited to online lessons. It is unfortunate that rest of the children have to continue with remote learning, at least for now. 

Proper education of our children is the only key to unlock their dreams and possibilities of the future they will embrace. It would be unfair to deprive them of the opportunity. Our children cannot lose any more of their precious time. 

Which is why we will do all it takes to make their place of learning as safe and secure. For the same reason, we moved our students and teachers in Phuentsholing to schools in Punakha, Wangduephodrang and Samtse. Those in other high risk areas will also see reopening as soon as the situation improves. 

But for now, as our children return to their schools and colleges, they need our confidence and support. And we need your cooperation to ensure their learning experiences are not compromised. 

The pandemic has pushed all of us to seek transformation in all aspects of life. In doing so, it should be totally worth it if we create a situation where our children live the best childhood, that of healthy growth and personal enrichment. 

Let them learn. Our job is to protect them as they do.

Dr Lotay Tshering
Prime Minister

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