17/01/21: Easing restrictions for megazone south, Thimphu โ€“ PMO


In keeping with the zone-wise unlocking of Thimphu, the South Megazone is also being declared “yellow” from tomorrow.

The megazone starts from Olarongchhu workshop and covers all areas until STCBL fuel site. It includes Tsalumarphey, Tshalu Barp, Semtokha, Babesa, Serbithang, Debsi, Gangchey- Nyezergang, and RTC.

The transition to yellow is considered after more than 5,785 COVID-19 tests were carried out in these areas. All results were recorded negative.

With this, the following relaxations are permitted.

  1. Individuals can move within the megazone from 5am to 5pm without having to produce movement cards.
  2. Driving is not allowed, but jogging, walking and cycling within the megazone is permitted.
  3. Outlets dealing with groceries, vegetable, livestock, dairy products and pharmacy in those zones can operate.

Royal Bhutan Police and De-Suups will monitor the movement of the people at the respective gates to ensure there are no cross overs between the megazones. Meanwhile, the health ministry will continue with intensive surveillance.

The sample collection of the remaining zones will be complete by tomorrow, and subsequent unlocking will take place.

People are also reminded once again that despite turning yellow, the phase continues to be precarious and should refrain from all the activities that could increase risk of getting the infection. Everyone is reminded to adhere to COVID-19 safety protocols at all times.

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