Month: March 2020


31-03-2020: Royal University of Bhutan’s Response Plan for COVID-19

30-03-2020: Notification from Ministry of Health on the procedures to release people from quarantine

29/03/2020: Travel Advisory for nationals residing in Bangladesh, the Maldives, Pakistan, South Korea and Sri Lanka.

28-03-2020: Public Notification from RSTA, MoIC, on SOPs for social distancing

This is to inform general public that the Road Safety and Transport Authority has issued Standard Operating Procedures (interim ) for Social Distancing in view to combat spread of COVID-19 in Public Transport buses and taxis to be implemented with effect from 28th March, 2020.

27-03-2020: Public Notification from National Land Commission to use online services

27-03-2020: Press Release from RCSC on continuing service delivery plan

27-03-2020: Press Release from PMO Bhutan

As we strive to stay ahead of the spread of coronavirus, with His Majesty’s guidance, the government has introduced highest level of preventive measures all along. This includes recent closure of all border gates early this week. Reinforced by an efficient containment system, the government is making efforts to comeRead More

26/03/2020: Notification from Department of Immigration on suspension of route permit

26/03/2020 Notification from Ministry of Agriculture and Forests

25-03-2020: Notification from Department of Trade, MoEA, on supply of goods to retailers

Information on COVID-19