Month: April 2020


30/04/2020: Press Release from The Druk Gyalpo’s Relief Kidu

Press Release from The Druk Gyalpo’s Relief Kidu  The Druk Gyalpo’s Relief Kidu has granted Nu. 150 million as the first disbursement of the Relief Kidu to 13,006 people. The Relief Kidu will be at Nu. 12,000 per person per month for recipients of the full amount of the KiduRead More

27-04-2020: Public Notification from Office of Consumer Protection, MoEA

27/04/2020: RAA Office Order on Druk Trace App

27/04/2020: Public Notification from Royal Audit Authority

21/04/2020: RMA Monetary Measure in response to Covid-19 Term based SOft Working Capital Facility for Industries

14/04/2020: RMA Monetary Measures in response to Covid-19

20/04/2020: Public Notice from Ministry of Health on Druk Trace App The government has developed contact tracing app called “Druk Trace” mobile app. The app is to be used for “Contact Tracing” by helping with the identification of people who may have come in direct contact with a COVID-19 infected person while visiting public places or while using public transportation.Read More

15/04/2020: Office Order from Department of Immigration, MoHCA, on the compliance of advisories and movement of Laborers

14/04/2020: Announcement from Ministry of Health on visiting Hours at quarantine facility

13/04/2020: Announcement from Ministry of Health: Registration for persons with disabilities

Information on COVID-19