30/03/21: Travel Notification during Covid-19 Vaccination-NC19TF

Instructions of the NC19TF for travelers during the vaccination week beginning from 27th March until the completion of the program:

a. Allow movement of people within their Dzongkhag and Thromde

b. Allow inter-Dzongkhag travel of people who are not eligible for vaccination (below 18 years of age, pregnant women and breast feeding mothers)

c. People who have been vaccinated (identifiable from the indelible mark ontheirfingerslike after voting) can travel.

d. Emergency travel (health referrals and death relatedonly) should be facilitated.

e. All travellers should register in the CPMS.
The Dzongkhag Administrations and the Royal Bhutan Police may facilitate travel for other categories on a case to case basis.

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