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27/01/2021: Announcement on opening of shops and business entities in the mega zones of North and South in Thimphu – PMO

AnnouncementThis is to inform that all shops and business entities that were allowed to operate before the lockdown can now open in the two mega zones of North and South in Thimphu. This excludes night clubs, drayangs and karaokes. Movements of light vehicles and taxis are allowed within the megaRead More

17/01/21: Mega Zones of Thimphu

As approved by the NC19TF, the Mega Zones (MZs) are being implemented starting 17th January 2021. The MZs are created by merging of Super Zones, and there are 4 MZs under Thimphu (North MZ, MZ Central C-1, MZ Central C-2, and South MZ). The Mega Zones are being implemented forRead More

08/01/2021: Press Release on Protocol for stranded individuals – PMO

Press Release January 8, 2021 In the wake of increasing number of COVID-19 positive cases being detected, the National COVID-19 Taskforce (NC19TF) has revised the protocol for stranded individuals who seek to travel to their place of residence. The heightened surveillance is intended to prevent disease spread beyond Thimphu andRead More

07/01/2021: Information from Zoning Team – PMO

The Movement Pass has been devised to ensure that people are able to go out and shop for essential items in a safe manner during a lockdown. Given the current situation with increasing number of positive cases, if the Movement Pass guidelines are not followed stringently, there is a greatRead More

07/01/2021: Update on COVID-19 death case – MoH

Update With immense grief, the Ministry of Health would like to inform the nation that a 34 year old man with pre-existing medical conditions (chronic liver disease and renal failure) who was detected with COVID-19 passed away today. He was managed at the COVID-19 ward at the JDWNRH campus. OnRead More

03/01/2021: Notification on Daily Schedule of Mobile Flu Clinic in Thimphu – MoH

In order to improve accessibility and enhance the coverage of flu clinic services, and also to minimize the movement of people between zones, the Ministry of Health will introduce a mobile flu clinic system with effect from 4th January, 2021. The two flu clinics stationed at Chang Rigphel School inRead More

02/01/2021: Press Release on on Transport Escort Modality – CC19TF

Press Release from Central COVID-19 Task Force (CC19TF) This is to inform everyone that the CC19TF under directive of the National COVID-19 Task Force (NC19TF) will be implementing the Transport Escort Modality w.e.f. January 3, 2021. It includes transportation of goods to Thimphu and transit of goods to other DzongkhagsRead More

02/01/2021: Update on modalities to ease the nationwide lockdown – PMO

The National COVID-19 Taskforce is in the process of reviewing modalities to ease the nationwide lockdown. This will, however, depend on the epidemiological evidence, latest disease patterns and other related issues on the ground. The taskforce is working closely with the zoning team and health Technical Advisory Group. The decisionsRead More

01/01/2021: Key Highlights from the Press Brief held on 01/01/2021 – MoH

23/12/20: Important Toll Free Numbers and Helplines

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