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13/02/22: Extension of due dates for filing of Tax Returns (PIT/BIT/CIT)-MoF

01/02/22: Setting up of COVID-19 Testing Stations in the Dzongkhag-NC19TF

29/01/22: Notification-Ministry of Information and Communications

29/01/22: Reminder to the school management on strict enforcement of SoPs and COVID-19 protocols-MoE

26/01/22: Notification-EC19TF

26/01/22: PRESS RELEASE for ICT and Media Services during Lockdown-BICMA

During the ongoing lockdown, the Bhutan InfoComm and Media Authority (BICMA) has been working with the service providers to provide uninterrupted communication services. Among many, Mobile Internet and Cable TV services are one of the basic services required along with other essential services. Please follow the link below for the PressRead More

23/01/22: Press Release-National Assembly of Bhutan

18/01/22: Activation of Work from Home-RCSC

20/05/21: Business entities to strictly follow COVID protocols while conducting businesses-MoEA

30/04/21: Notification from the National Covid-19 Task Force

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