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20/05/21: Business entities to strictly follow COVID protocols while conducting businesses-MoEA

30/04/21: Notification from the National Covid-19 Task Force

30/03/21: Travel Notification during Covid-19 Vaccination-NC19TF

Instructions of the NC19TF for travelers during the vaccination week beginning from 27th March until the completion of the program: a. Allow movement of people within their Dzongkhag and Thromde b. Allow inter-Dzongkhag travel of people who are not eligible for vaccination (below 18 years of age, pregnant women andRead More

11/01/21: BETA (BIT Estimated Tax App) App for Taxpayers – MoF

Due to the covid-19 pandemic situation, taxpayer will have the option of using the BETA (BIT Estimated Tax App). This App is for taxpayers who pay lumpsum payment and can also be used by small and micro units who qualify for tax holiday. Even if unit is exempted it mustRead More

03/01/2021: Standard rates for food and lodge and hiring of vehicles – MoF

Guideline on Standard Rates for Food & Lodge and Hiring of Vehicles for Official travel and In-country training can be accessible on;

29/12/20: DSA and TA to be normalised for civil servants from 2021 – MoF

23/12/20: Notification on activating Work-from-Home protocol – RCSC

Following the announcement from the Prime Minister’s Office on the Nationwide lockdown with immediate effect, resulting in all offices, institutions and business entities having to remain closed until further notice. The Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) hereby notifies all agencies to activate the Work-from-Home protocol wherever possible and feasible toRead More

20/12/20: Lockdown Notice – National COVID-19 Task Force

6/11/20: Decisions of the 38th meeting – NC19TF

18/09/20: Clarification on Rationalization of recurrent budget – MoF

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