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05/04/21: 7 Days COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign-MoH

29/03/21: National Situational Update On COVID-19-MoH

o new case in the last 24 hours. Meanwhile 274,703 individuals were vaccinated as of 8 PM, 29.03.2021 covering 56.4 % of the eligible population in the country. The top three most common adverse reaction reported were headache, fever and injection site pain. Stay Informed, Stay Safe!

25/03/21: Vaccination Distribution Plan-MoH

Vaccination distribution Plan: I. Eastern region: Drukair Domestic Flight to Yonphula Airport (24th March, 2021) II. Refrigerated Van from Eastern regional EPI cold store will pick up from the Yonphula Airport and distribute to Tashigang & T/Yangtse and Mongar & Lhuntse Note: I. Back up Refrigerated Van (New) will beRead More

25/03/21: Vaccine Registration-MoH

495,028 individuals have registered for COVID-19 vaccination as of 3:00 PM today. Let us all register for COVID-19 vaccination through “Bhutan Vaccine System” ( to protect ourselves, our community and our nation. Stay Informed, Stay Safe!

03/03/21: Information Series on COVID-19 Vaccines-MoH

28/02/21: Information on COVID-19 Vaccines-MoH

19/01/21: Things to Remember even after lockdown – MoH

Things to remember even after lock down are; Keep Distance Always wear a face mask Wash hands frequently Scan Druk Trace App Avoid Crowd Eat Healthy and exercise Stay home if unwell. With the conclusion of the mass screening in Thimphu, it is evident that the impact of the secondRead More

07/01/21: A Comparative Overview of the two National Lockdowns – MoH

06/01/21: Direct and Tangible Results of Lockdown 2.0 – MoH

The enclosed infographic highlights some of the direct and tangible results of lockdown 2.0 from a health perspective.

27/12/20: Elderly are most at risk to COVID-19 – MoH

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