25/03/21: Vaccination Distribution Plan-MoH

Vaccination distribution Plan:

  • I. Eastern region: Drukair Domestic Flight to Yonphula Airport (24th March, 2021)
  • II. Refrigerated Van from Eastern regional EPI cold store will pick up from the Yonphula Airport and distribute to Tashigang & T/Yangtse and Mongar & Lhuntse


  • I. Back up Refrigerated Van (New) will be stationed in Thimphu for eastern regional distribution in case there is any change on the domestic flight schedule or inconvenient weather conditions
  • II. Central Region (24th March, 2021) Refrigerated Van from Central EPI store at Gelephu will pick up and distribute to Tsirang, Dagana & SarpangA refrigerated Van at Thimphu will be deputed to distribute to Bumthang, Trongsa and Zhemgang.
  • III. Western region (23rd – 24th March 2021)Another Van will be deputed with Trans-shipment at Sorchen (P/Ling Van will take over) : Chukha, Phuentsholing & Samtse

A dedicated Van will distribute to Paro and Haa on the first day and then distribute to Punakha, Wangdue & Gasa the next day

Detail of Helicopter Services required for the COVID-19 Vaccine distribution (23rd – 24th March 2021)

  • Samdrup Jongkhar- Town and Pemagatshel-Town
  • Lingzhi village (Lingzhi BHU) and Jangothang village (Soe BHU), Thimphu
  • Lhedhi village (Lunana BHU), Laya BHU, Isuna

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